We believe that preparing for changing circumstances is a cornerstone of sound financial planning – especially when it comes to protecting the legacy you are creating for your loved ones.

Ingenious Estate Planning is a market leading suite of services that aims to grow and preserve the value of an investment. Our estate planning solutions are designed to give investors peace of mind and allow them to plan for the future by protecting their assets from the impact of inheritance tax.

Our solutions invest in our key specialist areas – media, infrastructure and real estate. Investors can choose between:

IEP Classic - a simple and flexible investment service designed to help you maximise the value of your estate on death by protecting the value of your investment from IHT after just two years.

IEP Care - an investment service that provides the benefits of IEP Classic, but is specifically designed to help you plan for potential care costs.

IEP Private - a tailored investment service that provides the benefits of IEP Classic, but also offers you the flexibility to build and adjust your investment allocation to suit your personal goals.

Each service also has optional insurance cover which aims to mitigate the potential impact of IHT on an investor's beneficiaries should the investor die during the two year BR qualification period.