As sector specialists with extensive experience in the infrastructure sector, we pride ourselves on the strength of our team and our robust due diligence processes. Investing on behalf of retail, corporate and institutional investors alongside our own funds, we have so far deployed £400 million across a range of infrastructure projects.

Potential projects will be quickly screened with those that proceed benefiting from the wider professional infrastructure of the Ingenious group, which has raised and deployed over £9 billion in its 18 year history.

We focus on UK based solar PV (both ground and roof mounted), onshore wind, anaerobic digestion and energy efficiency projects as well as general clean energy enabling infrastructure projects. We are also able to consider short term loans to certain projects.

We invest across the UK and will consider the technical and commercial merit of each individual project.

This will depend on the technology. Single project investments tend to be over £3 million but portfolios of assets will also be considered. This is particularly the case in roof mounted solar PV and energy efficiency.

We have no fixed limit but would consider each opportunity on its own merits.

We pride ourselves on our efficient response to project enquiries. We find that investment timescales are largely driven by the quality of the preparation and information provided by project sponsors. We would therefore encourage you to be as prepared as possible in advance of discussions.

We require our development partners to be financially robust, experienced and have a demonstrable track record of managing profitable projects.