The opportunity

Major trends including globalisation, privatisation, personalisation and disruptive technology are driving digital disruption globally, with just 2% of the education market digitised to date.

The UK is a leader in education and technology, however, historic under investment and a lack of consistent strategic support, particularly for early stage businesses, has created a need for dedicated investment support.

We see significant capacity in the education sector, and EdTech in particular, for investment and growth. We also see this as a natural extension of our investment and operational expertise in entertainment content markets, which have been through their own technology driven transformations in recent years, creating significant value for investors.


Our areas of focus include:

Proprietary education content, performance monitoring, assessment and testing, learning management systems, private tutoring, corporate training and lifelong learning.

We look to invest in companies that are able to demonstrate the following:

Product efficacy: using technology to solve a problem or add value in the education sector e.g. improved learning outcomes, reduced costs, saved time, operational efficiencies, increased revenues.

A clearly defined route-to-market potential for immediate commercialisation and international scale.

Operation in a market that is large/and or fast growing, with a high degree of private funding, limited policy risk and fragmented competitive landscape.